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Is ‘Agile’ harming Organization’s Project Management Competency

I believe so. This is based on my personal observation over the last 24 years, since I graduated and joined a Software Services company. In 1994 when I joined this company, in Bangalore, it had less than 1000 employees and about US$ 15 million in revenue. By 2004, that company had hit a revenue of […]

Taxonomy of Product Requirements

What is a Taxonomy? From taxonomy [tak-son-uh-mee] noun, plural taxonomies. the science or technique of classification. a classification into ordered categories: a proposed taxonomy of educational objectives. Classification of elements of any collective is an important aspect of human need. It helps us make better sense of our world, while its original use may […]

Case Study – Project Selection: Jaguar Land Rover

The below case presents an example of how various factors result in new projects being under taken by an organization. Folks a very interesting piece of news item I came across today(2012) : Tata Motors to double JLR investments As per the news item: “Over the past 5 to 6 years, JLR has spent […]