Aziz Talwari

I attended Nitin’s Project Management workshop conducted in my organization. I was already a certified PMP and was NOT the most eager person to have to sit through the 5 day. However, the 5 days of workshop were very rewarding. Nitin’s workshop built on top of the basic PMP processes. The quality of discussion actually […]

Shabbeer Zafar

I am a PMP who attended Nitin’s workshop at my organization. The workshop was lively and interactive and helped me build further on the Project Management understanding that I had from my professional experience. Nitin’s subject knowledge is superb, and combined with his excellent ability to apply real-world examples to the concepts was particularly helpful […]

Karthik Sankarasubramaniam

Karthik Sankarasubramaniam

Nitin – Would like to share my appreciation with you for the wonderful session I have had under your tutelage in Polaris Software Labs The training session was related to Program Management – Best practices. It was a 3 day training programme. Your training program was very relevant for all those who are already performing the […]

Milind Bhansali

I attended Nitin’s Project Management program at our company. During the 4-5 days of class room sessions, we spent time on many interesting aspects of project management. The most important thing that stood out for me was that the workshop was not just theoretical but the concepts were relayed through empirical and anecdotal interactive discussions. […]