Game Theory and Monte Carlo Simulation

Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have started making an impact on our lives and will be the drivers of the most profound changes that will happen in our world in the coming years. This post is not about them. This post is something more basic. This topic is something I have been touching […]

Aziz Talwari

I attended Nitin’s Project Management workshop conducted in my organization. I was already a certified PMP and was NOT the most eager person to have to sit through the 5 day. However, the 5 days of workshop were very rewarding. Nitin’s workshop built on top of the basic PMP processes. The quality of discussion actually […]

Phases Vs Project Management Processes

In this post I will be focusing on one of the very basic concept in Project Management. This is related to how this concept is defined by PMI in its PMBOK, but that is only incidental. The purpose of this post is not with respect to passing the PMP exam and getting certified, though this […]

Quantum Physics and A World Without Latency

What is latency? At the most basic level, its when you are the 8th car on a red light stop and when the light turns green, it’s the few seconds before you can start moving your car. The 1st car would move a fraction of a second after the light turns green, then second and then […]

Is ‘Agile’ harming Organization’s Project Management Competency

I believe so. This is based on my personal observation over the last 24 years, since I graduated and joined a Software Services company. In 1994 when I joined this company, in Bangalore, it had less than 1000 employees and about US$ 15 million in revenue. By 2004, that company had hit a revenue of […]

The Estimate Magic Cube – EMC

The Estimate Magic Cube – EMC During my workshop sessions, Estimation is frequently cited as one of the top 3 challenges faced by Project Managers. There are multiple dimensions to this challenge. Firstly, the problem of defining what needs to be estimated and then the issue of applying the applicable productivity to arrive at the […]

Taxonomy of Product Requirements

What is a Taxonomy? From taxonomy [tak-son-uh-mee] noun, plural taxonomies. the science or technique of classification. a classification into ordered categories: a proposed taxonomy of educational objectives. Classification of elements of any collective is an important aspect of human need. It helps us make better sense of our world, while its original use may […]

Case Study – Project Selection: Jaguar Land Rover

The below case presents an example of how various factors result in new projects being under taken by an organization. Folks a very interesting piece of news item I came across today(2012) : Tata Motors to double JLR investments As per the news item: “Over the past 5 to 6 years, JLR has spent […]

Shabbeer Zafar

I am a PMP who attended Nitin’s workshop at my organization. The workshop was lively and interactive and helped me build further on the Project Management understanding that I had from my professional experience. Nitin’s subject knowledge is superb, and combined with his excellent ability to apply real-world examples to the concepts was particularly helpful […]