Milind Bhansali

Milind Bhansali

I attended Nitin’s Project Management program at our company. During the 4-5 days of class room sessions, we spent time on many interesting aspects of project management. The most important thing that stood out for me was that the workshop was not just theoretical but the concepts were relayed through empirical and anecdotal interactive discussions. The program was highly engaging due to many factors; such as different perspectives even on mundane project management activities and new learnings on concepts that directly impact the professional life of project/program managers.


Later, when another program on Pre-Sales Support and Proposal Writing was announced, I eagerly enrolled myself for it. Even though, I’ve personally been deeply involved in many large RFPs and proposals for a substantial period of time; the wide array of presales topics that were covered in this workshop were extremely helpful. I appreciate the execution style of this workshop because many of my learnings came from the simulation exercises that Nitin involved us in, such as creating a bid plan, customer meetings for RFP clarifications and delivering a presentation.


Nitin, who himself brings a lot of first-hand experience to the table, runs the workshops in a manner that the concepts are ingrained after much deliberation as a group, hands-on activities and analysis of an idea from multiple angles. He is more than willing, in fact encourages, to be challenged by us on certain ideas, and more importantly for me, he challenged mine. In the 2 workshops that I attended of Nitin Kapoor, I was reminded of my B-school days because of the activity-based and case-study driven discussion mode of learning rather than the one-way-traffic of study material.

I’d like to summarize by saying that he makes you unlearn stuff to open your minds to basic concepts and new ideas  – A cliché maybe, but nevertheless very true of my experience in Nitin’s workshops.

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